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The most expensive device does not always have to be the best: This is shown by the test results of Stiftung Warentest in 2015 and 2018. By way of comparison: the "Thermomix TM5" from Vorwerk only achieved a place in the midfield in the 2015 test ("satisfactory" with a grade of 2.9). An overview of the best tested models is provided here.

A food processor that also does the cooking - you can save a lot of time and still cook for yourself. Thermomix is the top dog here, but there are also cheaper alternatives. Here is an overview of the best Thermomix alternatives (including current offers)

Probably the best known is still the classic feather pillow, which provides the right feather pleasure during a pillow fight. However, the very puffable pillows in the size 80×80 cm with a filling of feathers and down are no longer the non-plus-ultra among pillows and ergonomically not really recommended.

Pillows with loose filling should be shaken regularly to maintain their bulkiness and adaptability.For washable fillings it is recommended to wash the complete pillow approx. every six months, the same applies to washable covers of neck support pillows with foam core. If the user perspires heavily or is allergic to house dust, more frequent cleaning may be advisable.

Multifunctional food processors such as the Thermomix from Vorwerk make cooking easier and help to save time. Kneading, stirring, cutting, steam cooking or adding ingredients in good time: All this is done or coordinated by such a multifunctional food processor.

With a large silicone baking mat at your disposal, you will be able to create all kinds of perfect pastries, even with fondant, chocolate, caramelised sugar and other sticky ingredients that are sometimes difficult to work with.

Babies - and not only that - should sleep in a not too warm environment. Latex mattresses with wool or cotton covers help to maintain the right microclimate. On the one hand they provide good thermal insulation, on the other hand they promote perspiration: ideal for infants, slightly older children and very grown-up children.

Most of these air dust extractors have other additional functions. For example, most air purifiers against dust have a timer, switchable ionizers or a night mode that is particularly quiet in operation.

In the long run, lets you through money. Even if you cannot use the silicone baking mat every time you bake, reduce the total amount of baking paper or film rolls you use.
Silicone baking mats can be reused up to 4000 times.

Side sleepers: The distance between the mattress and the head area is greatest in the side position. In order for the shoulder to sink into the mattress, the pillow must not reach under the shoulder, but only support the head and neck. The recommended pillow size is therefore a supporting pillow of 40×80 cm or 40×60 cm. Depending on the contours of your body (wide or If you have any kind of concerns relating to where and how you can make use of disinfectant spray, you could call us at our own web-page. narrow shoulders), the height required may vary - in this case you should try lying on the pillow and have a second person check whether the spine forms a straight line and its shoulder axis is at right angles to the mattress. If your neck area is considerably narrower in relation to the width of your head, you will lie most comfortably on an ergonomically shaped neck support pillow, otherwise soap-shaped pillows are also recommended. Back sleepers: If you are lying on your back most of the time, you should make sure that you do not choose your pillow too high. A relatively flat pillow is usually sufficient to keep your head horizontal - it should never be tilted upwards. In this sleeping position, the pillow's main task is to provide correct support for the lordosis in the cervical spine area, so it is best to lie on a flat neck support pillow, which supports the cervical spine by means of an ergonomic elevation in the lower pillow area and does not reach under the shoulder area. If you have a pronounced hunchback, you may need a slightly higher pillow to lie comfortably. Abdominal sleepers: In the not recommended prone position, no pillow is actually needed, since raising the head area inevitably leads to overstretching the neck and bending the spine in the direction of the hollow back. Also, the neck vertebrae are strongly twisted when using a pillow. If you cannot sleep at all without a pillow, you should only use a very flat pillow, in which you should not sink in if possible - only in this way is it possible to breathe without having to turn your head even more. Some manufacturers offer specially shaped pillows for this purpose, which have a hollow in the nose and mouth area.

If you follow these few but important points, you will have the confidence to choose a safe baby mattress. For greater peace of mind, however, remember to turn only to dealers of proven seriousness. A little trick to sleep like a baby too.

Test winner with tested qualityIndependent consumer organisations, test institutes, clubs and specialised trade magazines test products in standardised procedures according to objective criteria. We compare the results of Stiftung Warentest, ÖKO-TEST, ADAC, TÜV, OEKO-TEX and other institutions and list the respective test winners in a compact table to give you an optimal overview.