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When Lars found out our hotel in New Orleans was right next to a casino, the poor man became visibly pale. You see, I love slot machines. I can sit there for hours and hours if you give me some really fun themed slot machines. Harrah's does indeed have lots of slot-bling happening. This is not a huge casino. It is actually relatively small compared to places in Vegas and Atlantic City. But then, New Orleans is not primarily a gambling venue. Yeah, there are a number of small casinos, but it is not New Orleans' reason for existing.

I have come to like the smallness, actually. It is somehow more intimate and less, well, cold. Harrah's does have lots of gaming tables for you folks who enjoy blackjack, craps, roulette, and the like... but for me it really is all about the slots. I mean, I have never lost at craps, but then someone wants to drag me over to the 21 tables and I manage to lose all of my craps winnings there. I guess over the years that has resulted in my viewing both activities as not fun.

So. It's all about the bling and the whirr and the lights of the slot machines for me. Harrah's has lots of that. Usually I gravitate to nickel Monopoly slots, but here they have tons of penny fortune cookie slots so I've took up residence in that area those few weeks. I do have a gripe… actually I have a few, but mostly I am disappointed in which slot machines they put on their floor. There are two Monopoly slot machines out in this big wide world. Both have bonus rounds (which are a must if you wish to keep my attention) but one is more fun than the other.

Harrah's opted for the machine where the bonus is to pick a piece and move it around the board for extra credits. I prefer the slots in Atlantic City where the bonus round is like this tower thingy. At any rate, I lost interest in this Harrah's fast. Oh it's clean and sparkly and the staff is very friendly, but given the lack of the usual tourism due to Katrina's unwelcome visit last year, it appears they have set the odds of winning too high on the slots in order to try to recoup those losses.

I have no idea as to gaming laws or any of that, but I do know they can adjust odds on the slot machines. Now, I do not walk into these places expecting to get rich. I drop 20 bucks on a movie that may last 90 minutes to 2 hours, so I figure I am simply buying entertainment at casinos as well. If I happen to win, well that's just a bonus. The problem is that you have to at least give me the illusion of a possible nice win.

Give me enough small wins and occasional bonus plays to keep my attention. Harrah's, sadly, is not doing this. My 20 bucks lasted me all of 15 minutes on average at the slots. That is not long enough entertainment for me for the money. Bang for the buck is everything, and I just was not getting it at Harrah's in New Orleans. The other thing is, even though I rarely drink, one of the perks of casino gambling is having beverages brought to ya free.

I did not get offered even a glass of water while sitting at the slot machines. Yeah, there is a way-cool round bar in the middle of the place so it's close to grab a soda, but I really do not want to leave my pet slot machine of the day and risk losing it. If I have to get up off my butt to fetch my own drink, I'm gone. This Harrah's location hasn't yet got a hotel attached, but they will fairly soon. It is being erected across the street next to the Gordon Biersch Brewery, and current parking is in the basement of that building with an underground walkway into the casino.

One thing Harrah's does do which is kinda fun is to have a drawing all through the day for prizes like trips and what have you. This is to get you to join their comp program, Players Club, but no matter the motive, it is a very cool deal. Being a touristy kinda gal, I would very much have liked to buy a few Harrah's New Orleans branded goodies, but unfortunately I couldn't. You see, the damn gift shop was closed every single time I went over there.

What's up with that? Come on guys. I want a jacket or sweatshirt or something because you all keep the casino floor so damn c-c-c-old.