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Do you know which city in Massachusetts has the highest unemployment rate? That city is Fall River. Since the area has an 18 percent unemployment rate, Mayor Flanagan is earnest about creating jobs for these families. Flanagan has decided that constructing a casino in the city is the fastest way of solving the unemployment crisis. According to one article, "The Mashpee Wampanoag Tribal Council and Fall River announced a deal this week aimed at developing a massive resort casino on a 300-acre property off Route 24 in the struggling South Coast city." This project would include three hotels and a shopping mall.

Clearly, this is an opportunity to generate funds in the city. However, if this $500 million resort casino is built, Governor Deval Patrick said the "casino operators" would have to repay the state over $30 million for "a highway ramp" that would lead to the 300-acre "wooded" area. Mayor Flanagan believes it is unfair that Governor Patrick is requesting a repayment since this casino would help to alleviate the problem of unemployment in Fall River.

Some members of the "nine-seat Fall River City Council' are skeptical about using the 300 acres for a casino. Those members prefer to use the land to build an "already approved SouthCoast BioPark." While the mayor and others are in favor of the casino project, a few members of the city council think the biotechnology park is vital. Studies show that numerous people in Fall River approve of the casino project. However, the mayor, members of the city council, and the residents should really pay attention to the benefits and setbacks of any businesses being established in the city.

Fall River definitely needs more jobs. However, Mayor Flanagan has to make education a priority as well. Children need to be educated, so they can obtain professional jobs, not fleeing to a casino to deplete their money. In fact, the city should begin to equip students so they can become managers of the casino. Furthermore, graduating seniors should be prepared enough to enroll in colleges or training programs.

This way they will be able to work at the biotechnology park. Information about having a casino in a city: "The most often mentioned economic benefits associated with casino gambling are creating new jobs, attracting tourism, increasing business and tax revenues, and;, decreasing the tax burden on the residents of the community." "The less often mentioned economic costs of casino gambling are the costs of crime, compulsive gambling, erosion of the work ethic and traffic congestion." "Some of these "social costs" can be measured in dollars - the cost of more police, legal and prison costs of criminal justice, the cost of social services for compulsive gamblers, lost job productivity and the added costs of traffic control - but the damage done to persons and families is not easily quantified." Information about having a biotechnology park in a city: Biotechnology is defined as "the use of the cellular and molecular processes to solve problems or make products." "Yet, the nature of the biotech industry -- which is composed of many small companies who do research to create new products, treatments, drugs and diagnostics -- complicates EBDI's task." "Because biotechnology companies are a high risk for investors, the companies don't start off with a lot of capital.

They begin with a small, but highly educated, group of employees."