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Kelly Clarkson is the original American Idol. Crowned that title in 2002 she has never looked back. Her debut CD "Thankful," was a smashing success thanks to the single "A Moment Like This." The question of the day was is Clarkson a fluke and can she follow up her sophomore CD with another hit? The answer was a resounding YES! "Breakaway," released in 2004 sold over 12 million copies worldwide. Its touching single "Because Of You," became the best selling single by an Idol contestant worldwide.

Her subsequent release "My December," was a more rock CD as apposed to pop that didn't fair as well with the critics. That release was followed by "All I Ever Wanted," in 2009. Her fifth album "Stronger," was released in October 2011. She has won two Grammy Awards, 12 Billboard Music Awards, 3 MTV Video Music Awards, 4 American Music Awards, and a Woman's World Award. Her latest accolade came on February 5, 2012, when she had the honor of singing "The Star Spangled Banner," at Super Bowl 46.

Her vocal ability is a wonder to hear and was never more evident than on that night. On this evening Clarkson has brought her "Stronger Tour 2012," to the sold out Hard Rock Live audience. Clarkson as a performer is like a bottle of energy waiting to be opened once the lights go down and the curtain opens. Her joy and exuberance is evident in every song, every note and movement that comes from her. Whether it be personal swipes at her music, image, or whatever was the shot of the day, Clarkson seems to have developed a thicker skin because of it all.

This new found sense of self was amplified at the opening of her show. The white curtain drawn over the front of the stage ran huge tabloid like headlines about Clarkson. Mentions of her flubs, weight and public incidents were broadcast to the 5500 in attendance. Unfortunately this evening she was rather under the weather mentioning antibiotics and chest congestion. Her voice was strong at the beginning of the show but as the night wore on it was evident she wasn't completely at her best; showing mostly when she was talking to the audience.

That being said, Kelly even with a cold/flu still sounds better than most other artists on tour today. Those in the audience lucky enough to score floor seats were literally on their feet the entire 90 minute set. Clarkson unlike some other 'Idol' alumni seems to have embraced her connection to the show and mentioned it a few times during her set. After all, it was the 'Idol' stage that brought her into the public arena. Her song set consisted of her hits and some surprises.

"Since U Been Gone," was a crowd pleasure and raised the roof off the place. "Mr. Know It All," grew instantaneous applause and screams. "You Love Me," brought back a twinge of the angst that Clarkson has been known for throughout her career and was just a damn good old fashioned rock and roll song. Her newly released duet with Jason Aldean, ("Don't You Wanna Stay") was a great moment in the show. His image appeared in video form on the curtain as Clarkson walked across the stage to join him for the tune.

It's hard to believe she's been in the business 10 years. A fan favorite "Beautiful Disaster," highlighted Clarkson's vocal range, singing it with only guitar accompaniment. Clarkson's eight piece band was set up on a multi leveled platform behind the singer. The lighting was typical rock and roll style with brightly colored strobes that never took anything away from the performance. "What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger)," took her the next level.

"Never Again," was a great moment with Kelly accompanied only by piano. This particular arrangement showcased how great a song it truly is. Her most famous ballad "Because Of You," brought out the vulnerability in Clarkson's voice yet she never lost her resolve or belief in the lyrics. After all, she wrote the song herself, lived the story and shared it with us. It is a song everyone can relate to; ultimately that's what music is all about.

Transcending the line between performer and audience, striking a chord of universal truth in song. In the end it all came back to Kelly Clarkson. She is an entertaining performer who really gives it all she got every time. Let's face it, the woman can rock! For Kelly Clarkson bio's, photos, fruit smoothie slots videos, and all other things check out the following sites.