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A lot of companies host the office Christmas party at local casinos because of the great food, festive decor, and entertainment at a reasonable price. Don't let this year's economic worries deter you from enjoying a full evening of post-party entertainment at the gaming tables because you've gone home broke in years past. Nobody likes to lose, and there are proven ways to dramatically reduce your chances of losing and increase your chances of winning - namely by not playing games with bad odds - like slots, keno, and roulette.

Above all other casino games, craps offers the casino gambler the very best odds of winning and the biggest bang for the buck when it comes to fun and excitement. If you've watched, but never played craps before, you probably came away shaking your head and thinking, "I could never play that game. It's too complicated." Not true! Shooting craps can be as simple as playing a road trip slot machine machine (with a whole lot more fun and potential profit), if you follow my strategy for beginners: 1.

Limit your bankroll 2. Practice good crap table etiquette 3. Bet the minimum Pass line bet and bet double odds 4. Recognize when it's time to walk away LIMIT YOUR BANKROLL The most important piece of advice is this: NEVER gamble more money than you can comfortably lose and chalk it up as the cost of an evening's entertainment. Only you can decide what that dollar amount will be. Even though the game of craps offers you a nearly even chance of winning, conversely, it also offers you an even chance of losing.

There is no (I repeat, NO) gambling strategy that can guarantee you'll win - not even this one. For a crap table with a $5.00 minimum bet requirement, I recommend a starting bankroll of $100 or more. With a little luck, you'll enjoy hours of fun and walk away from the table with most of your original bankroll. With good luck, you could potentially walk away with your $100 and some of the casino's money to use for Christmas shopping. In case of bad luck, however, never break this cardinal rule: if your bankroll reaches zero, walk away from the table.

CRAP TABLE ETIQUETTE Craps is a social game and you'll be playing with as many as a dozen other players. Some may be serious gamblers risking large amounts of money bet on each roll of the dice. There are a few rules of crap table etiquette you need to know and practice in order to avoid interrupting the orderly flow of the game and incurring the wrath of experienced players and dealers: Make sure you pick an open spot in which to stand at the table. If you are unsure, ask the player next to you, "Can I slip in here?" Never interrupt a player holding the dice.

Wait to speak until the dice have stopped rolling and the number has been called by the dealer with the stick. Wait and watch the action on the table. The only time you can buy chips or place a bet is in between rolls of the dice. The dice will be sitting in the middle of the table and dealers will be paying off bets. To buy chips at the table, toss your cash onto the table directly in front of you, but beyond the Pass Line, and say, "Chips for the game." When the dealer finishes paying off the bets from the last roll, he/she will pick up your cash and push a stack of chips toward you.

If the dice are already back in the hands of the shooter, say to the dealer, "No action." Do not try to pick up your chips until after the dice have rolled. Then, pick up your chips quickly and place them in the rack on the rail of the table directly in front of you. I recommend that beginners wait to buy chips or place a bet until the current game is settled by the shooter's win or loss. Place your bet before the dealer with the stick says, "Dice are coming out," and the dice are pushed to the next shooter in line.

Place a $5 chip inside the stripe that says "Pass Line" directly in front of you. Never try to take this bet off the table. Once made, this bet cannot be taken back unless and until the game is settled and it is a winning bet. Never allow your hands to interfere with the roll of the dice.